Klass cyclone filter

The Klass cyclone filter

water recovery

rotor drive

electric, 400 V AC, 50 HZ

gap widths

from 25 μm

Nominal volume flow

depending on filter element and medium

e.g. sewer sewage gap width 100 μm

400 l/min.

How it works

The filter element of the KLASS cyclone filter is a fixed filter tube. It is located in the centre of the housing into which the contaminated liquid flows tangentially at high speed. Heavy solid particles are separated by the centrifugal force in the rotating liquid column and thus do not load the filter element. Only the light solids settle on the filter tube. A hydrodynamic scraper rotating around the filter element continuously cleans the filter tube by suction. This ensures optimum filter performance at all times and also maintains the circulation of the liquid.

Product advantages

  • no backwashing

  • no switching to parallel systems

  • no filter change

  • no process interruption

  • high performance with minimum space requirement