Klass coarse filter

The Klass coarse filter

water recovery

Filter drive

hydraulic, 14 l/min, 35 rpm

Nominal volume flow

depending on filter element and medium

e.g. sewer sewage gap width 700 μm

800 l/min.

How it works

Filtering is performed by a rotating slot screen drum, which is kept clog-free by a scraper system. In its centre there is a nozzle block with which a total cleaning with fresh water can take place automatically after completion of the work. The Klass coarse filter is always held directly below the water level by an automatic height adjustment device, as this is where the water is cleanest. In the lowest and uppermost end positions, the Klass coarse filter swivels against the stop buffer.

Product advantages

  • robust and not susceptible to interference

  • automatic height adjustment

  • filtering always in the uppermost level range

  • automatic cleaning without interruption of operation

  • permanent filter cleaning without loss of performance

  • no backwashing

Fields of application

The device can be used in many different ways